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Dear friends, Please accept our gratitude for your interest in our company! For many years Veres Group has been the guarantor of quality and reliability for our partners and consumers alike. We build relationships on mutually-beneficial terms, based on our company’s principles and values. 


Thanks to many years of experience, highly-professional employee team, and desire to always be the number one in everything we have achieved high results and today are the leading producer of preserved foods.


Veres Group has a number of substantial competitive advantages:


  • closed production cycle;
  • food quality control in seven production phases;
  • reputation of a stable and reliable company, based on customer trust;
  • large number of experienced and skilled specialists dedicated to their work;
  • huge administrative experience;  
  • over 30 awards for food quality and innovations in production of preserved vegetables and fruits;
  • stable partnership relationships with the largest retailers in Russia and Ukraine;
  • extensive distribution network.


We are interested in successful, long-lasting cooperation based on trust and mutually-beneficial terms!

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