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Our products

VeresTM preserved vegetables and fruits

Our product range includes more than 100 names of tasty homemade-like products. We control quality in all production stages, from preparation of soil and growing vegetables to finished products. All our preserved fruits and vegetables are made using traditional home recipes, therefore, it has excellent taste and has long been earned love and  respect of our consumers. All Veres Group employees invest in production not only knowledge, experience and efforts but also soul, that’s why our foods have amazing quality, attractive appearance, and delightful taste. 
For special occasions we offer «Posolskaya» line of foods: the best of the best gherkins, tomatoes and mushrooms, grown on our own fields and made using special original recipes. «Posolskaya»  line for sure to impress even the most refined gourmets.

Products for every taste and wallet

Aiming to satisfy customers with different financial possibilities, we offer ‘economy class’ products - "Gribochky z bochky"." It’s no less quality than the products of  Veres TM, as being produced at the same factories of our company, and difference only in their category. These products are ideal for salad, soup and other dishes.


Fresh mushrooms and vegetables

With more than 7,000 hectares of  land and one of the largest mushroom-growing and compost-producing plant in Europe, we provide our production needs vegetables and  mushrooms by 100%. Part of the vegetables and  mushrooms that we grow is sold on produce market. We guarantee the quality of our products and build long-term relationships with partners on mutually-beneficial terms.

Compost and coating soil

We offer the compost sown with champignons mycelium and high-quality coating soil. Average monthly compost production output around 4,000 tons, of which about 2,600 tons are sold to mushroom growers in all regions of Ukraine and 1,400 tons are used for their own mushroom growing chambers. Also we have our own production of the coating material in an amount of 700-800 m3 per month.



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