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When doing our job we abide by the company’s values shared by all our employees.


Preserving traditions 

Preserving traditions of our native land is the core component of our corporate culture.

We create foods using traditional recipes.

Our foods are traditionally tasty and of excellent quality. We respect traditions and inculcate them in our employees and in all consumers of our products.

Foods from Veres Group on the table at people’s homes, both on working days and during festivities, already became a tradition of several generations.


Love for native land 

Our work is directly related to land.

We love, value, and preserve the ‘property of the people’ – fertile land of our Motherland, and it responds in kind, yielding rich harvests year after year.



One can get the best products only by investing love and soul in the production.

We are united by the corporate spirit, faith and love for the company where we work.

We are all united by common goals, values and objectives. 

We are a single team aimed at the end result and advancing with confidence toward achievement of common goals. 


Desire for perfection

Veres Group is one of the leaders of the food preservation industry in Ukraine and Russia. 

We continuously expand our product offers and improve taste and quality of our foods, doing everything to retain the consumer trust. 

We do not stay content with past achievements but continue to develop apace to bring the production process to perfection and make the product range diverse and tasty. 

Our ultimate goal is to make the choice of our foods over others obvious for every consumer.


Quality guarantee

For over 15 years Veres Group has been the guarantor of quality and reliability.

We guarantee high quality of our foods by controlling the entire production cycle, from preparation of soil to finished products. 

The success of our company rests upon quality performance of every employee.


Initiative and productivity 

We show initiative in the perfection of quality and development of new foods and actively participate in the nation’s public and social life.

Our employees are a team of professionals geared toward the end result and achievement of our goals.



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