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27 May: Veres’s birthday

On that day of 1997, our company has bought its first factory and began producing preserved vegetables and fruits.

Our foods have to be as tasty as if homemade, and that was why we have gathered home recipes for preserved vegetables from all over Ukraine. After passing a vigorous competitive selection, the best of them were adapted for mass production and since then have been continuously marketed under VeresTM, having won widespread customer recognition..


Rapid production growth period

Next was the period of rapid production growth when we bought another four factories and launched modern sauce production lines. Introduction of state-of-the-art, highly-productive and energy-saving equipment at all Veres Group factories, installation of new mechanized and automated systems – all that helped increase productivity and improve quality of our foods.


Quality control from the state of soil to processed foods


Since the very inception day our company has been placing great emphasis on high quality of foods, and therefore, our agricultural complex as the basis of production chain is of special importance to us. Own land allows implementing the full-fledged quality control, starting from the state of soil and ending with finished products. Striving for perfection is Veres’s credo. Investments in modernization of production and technological processes became the next factors that contributed to our overall success.


Our company today


Development of sales system and exports helped us make VeresTM homemade-like foods available to everybody who values its taste. Today, preserved vegetables and fruits from Veres, made using traditional home recipes, are sold in over 20 countries of the world.

Veres has received numerous awards at various fairs and contests and won several consumer preference contests. High recognizability of the Veres brand, the leader of food market, was achieved thanks to the efforts and dedication of the entire Veres team.


To Veres, the sky’s the limit

The leader’s strategy does not allow us to stay content with past achievements, so Veres continues to develop own production facilities and expand the product offers. We set the goals and confidently move toward them, building upon our company’s values.


Today, Veres is the largest vertically-integrated holding company specializing in production of homemade-like preserved foods. Closed production cycle ‘growing – processing – production’ allows controlling food quality in all phases, from soil to finished products. The range of our foods includes over 100 names of high-quality products.


Over 7000 hectares of Veres’s land are sowed with vegetables we need to produce preserved foods. We do not cease saying that we ourselves grow all vegetables used in production on our own land; it’s our pride and a sure way of controlling product quality in all production phases.


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