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Main - Production - Agrocomplex


 Our agricultural complex includes over 7000 hectares of land. 

 We grow enough vegetables to fully meet our preserved food production requirements.

 We control production process from the very beginning – preparation of soil.


 We have land in many regions of Ukraine, and we grow all vegetables according to the specifics of land and climate of a particular region 


Sofiivka Farm (Cherkasy Oblast): 2000 ha of land, grows horseradish, squash, peas, corn, beans, mustard


Yasnozirie Farm (Cherkasy Oblast): 3000 ha of land, grows horseradish, corn, peas, beans, mustard, cucumbers


Agrosvit Farm  (Mykolaiv Oblast): 1000 ha of land, grows cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes


Latorytsia Farm (Transcarpathian Oblast): 100 (1000-?) ha of arable land, grows cucumbers, beans, peppers





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