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Mushrooms growing

Branch of growing fresh mushrooms, manufacturing compost and casing soilis one of many production enterprisesof Veres Group.


This branch was established in 2000 and is one of the largest in Europe. This is a unique enterprise with a full closed production cycle, starting from the production of compost to growing cultivated mushrooms.

In productioninstalled equipment from world’s leading manufacturers: «Christiaens Group», «Alpi», «Fancom», «YORK» etc, are used advanced technologies, there is certified laboratory, which allows to control product quality at all stages.


  • 14 pasteurization tunnels, each productivity 70 tons of compost phase II.
  • Compost department performance - 980 tons of compost phase II per week.
  • Average monthly production of compost around 4,000 tons, of which about 2,600 tons are sold to mushroom growers in all regions of Ukraine and abroad, others 1,400 tons are used for own production needs.
  • 36 mushroom growing chambers with useful area of 700 m2 each, allowingto grow more than 300 tons of mushrooms per month. 70% of mushrooms are grown for processing onpreservation plant and 30% are sold on the produce market.
  • Own production of casing soil: 700-800 m3 per month.
  • Productionterritory - 22 hectares.


Advantages of our company:

  • Thanks to 15 years of experience, the latest technologies and coordinated work of highly professional team, we are releasing the high quality products that meet international standards, which was highly estimated by hundreds of customers all over Ukraine and abroad.
  • Every fourth Ukrainian mushroom is grown on compost that is produced by our company.
  • We provide professional consultationsfor improving your technological process.
  • Our specialists carry out full preparation and all customs procedures for our clients from other countries.


The branch offers:

  • Compost sown with champignons mycelium (phase II in briquettes the size 56х36х18 cm and weight 18-19 kg). The mycelium is offered for customers choice:

- grain mycelium from a recognized leader Amycel company - medium-large

strain for the produce market Triple X

- fast synthetic mycelium Onyxx, that reduces process of incubation for 4-5 days

  • High-quality casing soil.
  • Fresh champignons of different sizes and categories.



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